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SRHA Ranch Riding

Ranch riding is a relatively new western event within the AQHA, that has been quickly growing in popularity. It is a fun test of skill which can benefit both young and veteran horses.

The ranch riding horse should display the versatility, attitude and movement characteristic of a good working horse. The class is judged on the horse's ability to work at a forward, working speed while performing the required and optional manoeuvres. Emphasis is placed on quality of movement, smooth transitions, overall manners, and responsiveness while performing the manoeuvres with light contact. A pattern in Ranch Riding is scored in point scale similar to reining, with 70 denoting a standard performance.

The required manoeuvres of a ranch riding pattern are the walk, jog and lope (both directions), the extended trot and extended lope at least one direction as well as stops, back and one change of direction. The optional manoeuvres that may appear in a ranch riding pattern include the sidepass, turns of 360 degrees or more, change of lead (simple or flying), walk, jog or lope over poles or other basic manoeuvres a ranch horse may perform.

AQHA Ranch Riding Patterns can be found at:

For insights into how Ranch Riding is judged, take a look at the video below for an AQHA judge commentating a run.

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