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Youth Incentive Program:

The SRHA Youth Incentive Program is dedicated Youth Programs to the promotion, education, and development of skills for the sport of reining for youth riders in Saskatchewan. The program is open to anyone under 18 years of age. You must be a current SRHA Member.

Once enrolled, youth can accumulate points. Points may be earned by showing at SRHA jackpots, the annual Stakes and Futurity year end show, and out-of-province shows. Points may also be earned by taking clinics and volunteering to help at shows.

Youth Incentive Program Points Form


The SRHA Youth Program is dedicated to the education, promotion and development of skills for the sport of Reining for our youth riders in Saskatchewan.


To qualify for the Youth Incentive Program, you must be 18 years of age or younger on January 1 of the year you are registering and collecting points for.  Applicants must also be current members of the SRHA.



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To join the SRHA Youth program, simply complete the Youth Incentive Registration Form.  You can find this form on the SRHA web site, or you can contact one of the program co-ordinators.  Once you register, you can start to collect points.  Points are cumulative from year to year.


The SRHA Youth Program awards prizes to eligible registered youth riders based on the following point levels:

·         BRONZE – 100 accumulated points from registration date

·         SILVER – 200 accumulated points  

·         GOLD – 300 accumulated points

·         DIAMOND – 400 accumulated points

·         PLATINUM – 500 accumulated points

The actual prizes that are awarded each year at the various levels may vary somewhat depending on funding and availability.


You can collect SRHA Youth Incentive points in 3 ways:

1.       Volunteer Hours (REQUIRED 20 points)

Volunteers are what make these programs successful, so youth are encouraged to participate and get involved whenever possible.  Therefore, 20 volunteer points are REQUIRED in order to receive an award at any level.  You can collect these volunteer points by

·         Scribing for judges

·         Cleaning arena droppings, etc.

·         Helping with awards

·         Assisting with entry sign up

·         Running errands for show organizers

·         Setting up or cleaning up for shows or jackpots

·         Any other activities that help the show or jackpot run more smoothly

To help out at any shows, just talk to the show organizer or to one of the Youth Program Co-ordinators.   Points are awarded as follows:

·         SRHA Jackpots – 5 points/jackpot. 

·         Stakes & Futurities Shows – 10 points

As the year progresses, you may also be able to earn volunteer points by helping out with clinics or fundraising events.  You will be notified by one of the Program Co-ordinators when an opportunity arises.  Any help you can provide will always be welcome.

2.  Shows

Remember to keep track of all the reining shows you attend during the year.  Points are awarded as follows:

·         Stakes & Futurities – 15 points

·         Out of Province Reining Shows – 10 points

·         SRHA Jackpots – 5 points/jackpot show

·         Reining Classes at Open shows/fairs (SQHA, AQHA, Breed) – 5 points

3.      Clinics (Maximum 20 points per year)

Clinics are worth5 points each, and must be for the benefit of the rider and/or horse for reining discipline.  Eligible clinics would include Reining, Judging, or Horsemanship.  Regular reining or horsemanship lessons may also be included, but only as one clinic for 5 points in total.

Youth Incentive Program Points Form

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